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  1. At the age of 16, and I turned 16 two days after the Chernobyl accident, I finished the 8th grade, moved to the 9th, studied, participated in school Olympiads. With a group of like-minded people, we formed a music group at school, I played drums and endlessly repaired our battered equipment. With the fans of the “musicians” everything was in order, but I had a complete seam on the personal front. I didn't like the girls who hung out with us, and I didn't know how to approach the one I liked.

    And I changed when I entered the university, and especially after the army.

  2. I was very apathetic and a little bad at getting along with people, always had no more than 3-4 best friends, as a rule, this has been instilled in me to this day. Sooooo much walking and little time spent studying, books. I was a free person, I did what I wanted, I had a lot of time for hobbies, for myself, for my family. In those years, I dreamed of growing up, having a job and living independently. I don't know what concerns you, but I think that you also do what you want and the withdrawal to the account of the girl was made only from the examples that are next to you. If everything suits you or you want to change something, go for it.

  3. I also didn't go to parties or date guys when I was 16. I didn't know much about the world. I'm 25 now. With age, everything caught up…but still, I regret that I was a good girl, at 16 everything would have been perceived more vividly, because at this age naivety, openness, maximalism are characteristic. At 25, it's not the same anymore… you start to get rough, callous, stop believing in a fairy tale.

  4. Now it seems to me that at 16 I was a fool, I hope I've changed a lot since then))). I've dated older guys, which is easier for the female sex. At 16, just have time to fight off attention. I studied and entered the university, because it is “necessary”, then I couldn't choose something right for myself, so I lost a lot of time and gained a lot of diverse experience.

    You sound kind of bleak (. And not only in this matter. I am in favor of a balance of study/entertainment, but for schoolchildren in 16, this is the 11th grade, it is so incredibly difficult! Huge workload and responsibility. I just want to wish you the strength to cope with everything and overcome this period. It is important to understand that this is temporary. The university will probably become easier and more fun! Students are the most cheerful people and the student body is usually very joyful and interesting.

    You asked about your friends somewhere else. The period when a person most often meets “friends for life” is 19-21, that is, students. There you will already meet people with similar interests (as opposed to a common school), and common interests, entertainment and values are important factors that unite friends!

    Be strong! The light is coming! Good luck to you!

  5. At the age of 16, I entered a technical school. And I tried to be generally like a typical “clear” one. Walking with a friend, looking for adventures in all sorts of places. They still drank. Many. What kind of alcohol was not tried (well, maybe it did not come to the use of pure alcohol and moonshine), ranging from beer to various cocktails, in view of the fact that it was cheap.

    I still wonder how my liver is still in working order.

    But there were no relationships with girls. You can say that I was not mentally prepared for this.

    Now, at 28, I try to avoid it all. More or less came to my senses for all the time. And looking back on my past, thinking what a moron I was. But sometimes it still comes to the realization of how quickly time flew by, I didn't have time to look back.

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