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  1. Credit is provided by banks. In stores, a loan is issued for the purchase of goods. It is better to take it where there is no interest, in installments – in this case, the retail chain itself pays the bank interest for you (about 15% of the cost of the product). They do this to gain more revenue and attract more customers from their competitors.

  2. I'll give you some advice on the answer described above. If you are refused , ask the manager for the number of your loan application and feel free to call the bank. It may have been approved for you, but the manager just doesn't want to mess with paperwork or spoil the statistics of the average percentage of loans issued.

  3. For daily expenses and purchases in installments, it is better to take a credit card with cashback, such as Tinkoff.

    From the pros:

    • a credit card is always “at hand”
    • you can use cashback to return up to 30% of your expenses
    • excellent mobile app and technical support

    And most importantly-the card can be ordered without leaving your home with home delivery using a single document-passport, without any certificates or red tape (see details).

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