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  1. You may not have enough information in the topic covered. Your communication skills may not be sufficiently developed, but only the practice of communication will help you do this. You may not have enough horizons and need to pay attention to the topics that are interesting to you, study them more and practice communicating on your own topics with different people.

  2. Some questions in communication can be a very meaningful conversation. If the conversation is not special (study, exchange of views on politics, etc.) but simply “for life” – many people just want to be listened to. And here the most important thing is that the questions asked in time – “What about her?”, ” What about you?”,” How did she have enough conscience! ” Such questions do not require any attention on your part at all, but show the interlocutor that you are listening carefully to him, which is the main thing for him. In this way, you can even support a conversation about the other person's hobby, and here not only questions, but timely interjections, or expressed emotions (“Cool!”,” Here, bitch, gives!”,” I wouldn't have thought of it!”) serve as a plus for you, and timely statements can show your awareness, the main thing is not to overdo it and “move out” in time – “I don't really understand this”…” For example, I during such conversations “For life” (why do I need someone else's dirty laundry? and I don't want to offend a person) I turn off my attention, my hearing, and think about my own. But the subconscious mind catches out the key words from the interlocutor's speech, and I get off with nothing meaningful, some – ” In, gives! And you?”. And I noticed that people like to tell me their problems, they know that they won't go any further than I do. Of course, because I have no idea what was reported to me…

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