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  1. Because, in the world operates:�

    a) karma,�

    “What you sow is what you reap”

    “What you radiate, you receive”


    b) evolution

    “you only have what you need for your development”

    What you need to know so that the “toad” does not strangle ahead of time ))

  2. Logic and motivation rule the world.

    Any manifestation of an event in reality is the result of competitive motivations in the context of logic. If one person is obsessed with an idea, then the chances of showing its results to the world are much greater than the other, for whom such an idea is just a wishlist. This is, so to speak, ” protection from the fool, inscribed by the rule in the environment.

    Motivations don't have the color of “good” or “bad.” Any obsession has a chance to be realized according to the formula” (desire+ action) x time”, and these chances are all the higher, the higher the values of the components of the formula.

  3. This does not happen, this is the thought of the envious. To achieve something, you need to study and work hard. Or be a genius. Envy is a terrible disease. Be happy if someone got something. And you will not be offended by fate.

  4. Very much depends on the circumstances – some are lucky, and some are not, and the past-as one wrote here about grandfathers. And a lot depends on ourselves, of course, a fool will die a fool, but often you can somehow fix the situation. This is nothing for everything can only seem so in the person of the one who received this “nothing”. Maybe he doesn't see what he has achieved, or simply doesn't consider it an achievement, or maybe he didn't work so hard for it.

  5. This is a good question. There is an analog with a seed. In order for a seed to germinate and become a plant, certain conditions are needed. They won't appear on their own and need to be taken care of. These conditions are the necessary amount of light, the necessary amount of moisture, the absence of stronger plants nearby that can strangle the seed, the correct condition of the soil so that there are no droughts, floods, the absence of rodents nearby that can get and eat this seed, and so on. So in life, in order for a person to be successfully realized in some area, many conditions must coincide. There is no determinism, and these conditions are completely random. Sometimes only one item in the list is missing and the final result does not appear. If we can, we must create and maintain conditions, as well as effectively use those that do not depend on us. If a person has embarked on a dishonest and not good path, and does not believe that this has any bad consequences for him, then he is right about something, an angel will not appear in his life to stop him, and a wonderful chain of heavenly signs will not happen. He may be hindered by purely irrational, unpredictable reasons, and it may be even more difficult for him to achieve his goal than for a person who has embarked on an honest and good path. If an unseelie person achieves the result they want, then their future fate will depend only on how others react to their actions. He can be exposed by a police officer, he can catch a random bullet from an opponent during a war with the same fierce people. But there are no reasons and no independent forces that will oppose it. Karma does not look at who is good or evil, it is an impersonal force, like the law of inertia. Basically, everything will depend on his personal qualities, intelligence, the amount of effort spent, purposefulness, certain external conditions that may or may not coincide. If this is a homicidal maniac, he can get caught on the first victim. And maybe for decades to do their terrible trade. Criminology knows examples when maniacs had hundreds of victims, and no divine forces prevented their success.

    Albert Hamilton Fish (May 19, 1870January 16, 1936) was an American serial killer, sexual pervert, and cannibal.

    Also known as “Moon Maniac”, “Grey Ghost”, “Brooklyn Vampire”,

    “Boogie Man”, “Werewolf of Wisteria”. Fish himself claimed to have killed approximately 498 children.

    If a person embarks on some very good endeavor, for example, to become a doctor or a monk, then everything is the same. You need to match his personal qualities, you need favorable conditions, you need training, you need to put in hard work and only then will there be a result. By itself, fate will not provide any discounts, even if a person gives millions to help children with cancer and prays all day long. Such a person can still become a victim of cruelty or get sick with something. George Harrison sang about love and peace. He died in the throes of cancer. Bob Marley is completely analogous. With the same success, people who do not take care of their health at all, smoke and drink, can be healthy as bulls and live to a great old age, and the principles of healthy lifestyle will not give any guarantees that a person will not get sick at an early age.

    Initially, what we have is like shuffling a deck of cards between players. Someone is born not beautiful, but smart. Someone is born with a lot of trumps. Someone is born generally deprived of everything. Fate does not grant any additional privileges to anyone.

    So people get certain initial resources quite randomly, just as conditions are quite random, and just as randomly the result depends on how others react, decide to punish or reward a person.�

    Justice itself does not exist. It is created only by people, and only in the way they imagine it. In ancient Judea, people believed that when a pregnant woman was beaten and her fetus died, the culprit only had to pay off. In India, it was believed that if a woman was raped by a man, then she should be married to him. No one else even wanted to touch the” desecrated ” one. And the lawsuits have made just such decisions. This is how people imagined justice.

    Well-being depends mainly only on how much effort a person spends on getting rich, as well as how well they apply these skills. If someone got a good inheritance, it's just an accident. He might not earn it in any way, he might be lazy and unemployed, and he might lose it in one day. Another might have worked as a slave on a sugar plantation, died of fatigue, and been paid a pittance. And he had no way to change this situation. Can we say that he had bad karma and created these conditions? In Buddhism and Hinduism, it is not said that karma condemns some people to unjust torment, in which there is still no meaning and no lesson.

  6. It's like a Cinderella story. Many people think that the prince �for free got dirty. And it is a miracle that she did not lose her head, behaved in such a way that no one guessed her beggarly origin. In fact, she was the daughter of the Chief Forester, or rather the Minister of Forestry, so she had both a fortune and an education. And even the fact that her stepmother, consider, sent into exile, did not stop her. she bravely gathered her strength and won the Prince's heart.�

    And from the outside, it seems that everything fell on her head for nothing.

  7. Because the ” nothing” of those who get “everything “is greater than the “total” of those who get “nothing”. And it is possible that the one who distributes everything is guided by this.

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