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  1. I am close to the position of Andrey Laakso.

    I've only met a handful of people with clinically reduced intelligence, and I didn't think of them as “stupid.”

    It is clear that in my youth I often want to jealously measure something in order to … .. usually to reassure yourself: nenene, I'm normal.

    And then, somehow, people stop playing these games. All fools. Or everyone is smart in their own way. I think so…

  2. Because when you are not different from the majority ,then you do not get complaints in your direction; another reason lies in the fact that life is easier for the stupid, and therefore there are fewer needs and there is no discontent and complaints

  3. Because the majority of the unintelligent are, by definition, the majority. And in a modern democratic society, the majority gets respect just because it is the majority.

  4. Everything is very simple here.

    The question is not about” shame”, but about advertising.�

    This behavior is advertised as part of the economy.

    People are not ashamed of “stupidity”, because in this there is an economic feasibility for society.

  5. Because there is a question-are you the smartest or something?

    The political elite has taken a course to simplify the majority of the population (easier to manage).

    When was the last time a prime-time TV show featured the achievements of scientists???

    Athletes are shown on TV shows…

    We are not ashamed to pass some laws in the Duma either…

    Rather, it's not about stupidity, but about limited development – the “qualified consumer” is called: -))))

    Can consume – all that is given.

  6. Or maybe the society is wiser than you in this matter)
    How can you tell whether a person is smart or stupid?
    Who is this “smart person” anyway? Someone who behaves within the framework of generally accepted norms. Or a person with a certain set of knowledge?

    Most people behave naturally, and this, in my opinion, is correct. And the smartest people I met were either freaks with incredible looks, or people with a disgusting character, or who didn't know basic things(like in that moment in the movie when Sherlock Watson bantered, assuming that the earth was round), but when the topic of their interests came up, the jaw dropped from the abundance of information in their heads.

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