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  1. No, of course, it is enough to know the basics of philosophy, astronomy, theology, physics, which we get at school to understand this. Plus, of course, you should have logic and sanity)

  2. And why, in fact, is this fiction? It's just that the devices that can determine its location have not yet been created. Like neutrinos, for example. What a neutrino! And humanity learned about microbes not so long ago. And now every schoolchild knows about them. And why? Have you personally seen these microbes with your own eyes?! I'm not, for example. They only write in textbooks and show it in photos/videos. I don't even know what kind of mental institution I'll be put in if I insist that germs don't exist and that this is all the result of a conspiracy of scientists and doctors who want to force you and me to buy medicine.

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