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  1. Probably because it is not a philosophy, from the word at all. Philosophy, first of all, is the ability to consider an object (any) from different points of view, so to speak, in different perspectives. This jumping from one angle, then to another viewing angle, to a third, etc. – the more perspectives of the description, the better – is unacceptable from the standpoint of any monotheistic religion (where only one point of view is allowed). Deleuze once famously wrote that in “difficult times” philosophy sometimes had to pretend to be a religion, but only to pretend to “live under a mask.” But ancient Greek paganism, on the contrary, gave rise to a great philosophy. Moreover, this is literally the merit of Greek cheerful polytheism. Xenophanes of Colophon brought the idea of a single god from Egypt, tried to propagate it, mocking it in absentia and “debating” with Homer, but it was not there – the grain fell on the wrong soil. The Greeks of the fik abandoned their Pantheon, but they really liked the idea that the interpretation of the World can be reduced to a single “beginning”. So Thales of Miletus was born famous: “Everything is water.” Then-look at that! “Anaximander has called his nephew, and he says so: “Read what I've been making up,” he says, ” and then come up with your own version. But by all means-another one!” Well, off we go… Can you imagine that a priest or mullah would allow a “different version” of the interpretation of the World? In short, there is no such thing as a “philosophy of Christianity”. There is no such philosophy – “Russian religious philosophy”. This is all a deception, sometimes (very rarely) a clever one.

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